We developed the newest Strategic Framework  after listening to and engaging with over two thousand students, families, staff and community members throughout the 2017-18 school year. We shared this refreshed strategy with the community on July 31, 2018. 

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Within the framework, the Madison Board of Education approved a new and bold goal stated “African American children and youth excel.”  We will measure this goal  by:

  • Child readiness for school
  • Grade 3 Reading Proficiency level
  • Grade 8 Math Proficiency level
  • Advanced Learner Participation rate
  • Grade 9 On Track
  • Advanced coursework participation and success rate
  • Student climate survey power question

Our team of experts will track progress on the above outlined metrics. Climate survey data will be reviewed in Spring 2019.  

The Concept of Black Excellence

The concept for Black Excellence was born out of our new goal focused on African American children. The questions we asked ourselves were “what might accelerate the metrics associated with this goal?” “How can we ensure that the right conditions exist for our African American students to thrive and excel?” “What else needs to be in place to change the way we support our students and do it from an anti-racist, pro-Black lens?
During Spring 2018, Nichelle Nichols, MMSD Executive Director of Family, Youth & Community Engagement, began to research other school districts who are leading with a focus on African American students. Nichols talked with Milwaukee Public Schools, San Francisco Unified School District, and attended Oakland Unified School District’s African American Male Symposium. Other districts were also at the Symposium. It became clear there was a way to bring this kind of focus in Madison. 

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