Purpose of the Coalition

The Black Excellence Coalition is charged with the task of developing key recommendations and actions that will have the following impacts for Black students in MMSD.

  • Affirm excellence 
  • Create conditions to shape and transform mindsets of educators
  • Provide liberating experiences for our students to learn and affirm the richness of African and African American people and the way that racial inequities occur in educational systems
  • Promote and nurture social emotional learning in our Black students
  • Create a culture for success for students and their families
  • Determine how we can create more safe spaces for honest, healing and growth for our Black students
  • Address academic supports and any other supports needed from the perspective of our Black students and families

When - We will set up a series of informational sessions throughout January for those interested to learn more. Our goal is to have a schedule of regular meetings established by February for those who can commit to the work of the Coalition. We estimate Coalition members will likely commit to 3-4 hours a month until June 2019. 

Who - We are currently collecting names of those interested in being part of our Coalition. Please complete the interest form. 

Check out our progress - Coalition meeting notes

Join the Coalition

If you're interested in joining the coalition, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

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