FACE Toolkit


The Family & Community
Engagement (FACE) Toolkit

About the FACE toolkit:

The FACE Toolkit is designed to support the work of schools in developing strong partnerships with families and community.
Click on the "Download FACE Toolkit Guidance" link to download the purpose of the toolkit, our Theory of Action, an overview of each of the 4 phases (Prepare for Success, Plan, Act, Reflect & Adjust) and steps involved in each phase, as well as teams and their role in family engagement. In addition, individual tools are designed to be used as needed in concert with the Guidance document.

Download the FACE Toolkit Guidance Document

Overview of Expectations for Family Engagement 2016-17

How do you use the toolkit?

The toolkit is meant to be used in its entirety as well as in sections. It is suggested that schools work through each of the phases in their entirety at the beginning of each school year and then revisit sections throughout the year for progress monitoring. Tools and resources are not exclusive nor are they all inclusive.

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Step 1: Establish a FACE Action Team

Action Tools Resources
Determine Membership Determining Parent Membership
Familiarize Yourself with the Dual-Capacity Framework

Step 2: Inquire & Assess

Action Tools Resources
Review data sets and evidentiary materials
Complete Self-Assessment

Step 3: Goal Setting

Action Tools Resources
Create a Family Engagement Plan
  • Family Engagement Planning Exercise
  • School Norms and Expectations for Family Engagement Planning Exercise

Step 4: Create a Calendar

Action Tools Resources
Create a FACE Calendar including FACE Action Team meetings, events/occasions for partnership, and meaningful professional development.
Determine a mode of data collection and PD feedback

Step 5: Take Action

Action Tools Resources
Communicate the SIP focus for FACE and, if any, focus group(s) and rationale * You may want to use the Family Engagement Plan created to assist in how and what will be communicated.
Leverage Parent/Teacher Touchpoint
Provide quality FACE professional development around the priority area including equity work *Use the Facilitator’s guide in conjunction with the FACE Professional Development Plan created

Step 6: Monitor Progress

Action Tools Resources
Collect and organize data

Step 7: Reflection

Action Tools Resources
Analyze Feedback Data from PD and from other forms of family engagement *Use the FACE Data Analysis Protocol sheet to help you analyze your feedback data
Using the data, determine next steps and/or adjust the plan in place *Refer to the Family Engagement Plan that you created
Determine how adjustments will be communicated to staff, families and community

Department Division Name of Document
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Assessment Assessment Calendar
Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) Instructional Technology Family Digital Device Guidelines
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) MTSS Brochure
Strategic Partnerships & Innovation Volunteer Volunteer Application
Student Services All Behavior Education Plan
TEP All Homeless Resource Guide
MMSD Central Office Immigrant Students and Families - Resources and Information for Families

Community Schools

About The Community School Strategy

The Community School strategy is a proven, research-based initiative that addresses the needs of students and their families through well integrated and coordinated partnerships. Partnerships are strategically developed to meet the community’s identified needs. The Community School strategy is a shift in how schools operate to be more responsive to the needs of the community and incorporate a collaborative leadership structure to partner with families and community for student success.

How do you use The Madison Community School Strategy Tools and Resources document?

This document serves as an implementation guide for the Community School strategy and provides schools with the tools and resources in doing so. This document is designed to support schools in creating collaborative leadership structures, conducting needs assessments, developing a coordination plan, and supporting continual evaluation. This document is meant to be used in its entirety for Community Schools as well as in sections for schools that would like to implement components of the Community School strategy.

Click Here To Access The Madison Community School Strategy Tools and Resources Document

Professional Learning Resources

Theme Tools/Resources
Creating a Welcoming Environment Welcoming Walkthrough Documents
Welcome Back Modules Building Capacity Core Beliefs