Parent Leadership is the framework used by the district to increase social consciousness, cultural awareness, and access to educational and economic resources to help improve the well-being of parents and guardians which has been essential in helping families become leading supporters for their children. This initiative offers opportunities for family members to connect with one another in order to promote leadership growth.  Overall, the framework helps families access the tools to support their children’s success while providing opportunities in building leadership skills and confidence.

The Parent School Partnership program goal is to develop groups of parent leaders who are civically-engaged and who will help ensure children receive equitable quality education in their school. The key learnings of the program are:


  1. Parents Rights and Responsibilities
  2. Parent Teacher Partnership
  3. Structure and Function of the School Site
  4. Structure and Function of the School District and Board of Education
  5. Postsecondary preparation
  6. The Politics of Education
  7. Leadership and Teamwork Development
  8. Strategies to Organize and Create Actions
  9. Facilitating and Participating in Productive Meetings
  10. Strengthening Effective Communication Skills

To learn more about opportunities to become a leader in your school please contact César A Sanchez,, 608-442-2424